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A woman wearing MP gym clothing sat on a window ledge stretching with the text 'You're Already Ready - MYPROTEIN' overlaying the image.

You're Already Ready

"We, the people of India, pledge to take the first step towards our fitness journey together. We shall be disciplined, strong, and motivated to achieve our goals. We promise to spread awareness about fitness and complimenting physical activities, and create a platform that promotes personal fitness. We are Already Ready to make our nation fitter, are you?"

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Nutrition tailored to you.

Whether you’re a dedicated gym-goer, run for fun or simply looking to live a healthier active lifestyle, build your own bundle to support your goal.


Unlock your potential.

Advice from professionals on everything you need to start and sustain, supplement explainers to fuel your journey, workouts to keep you on track. All with our gym-ready training and nutrition plans.


Music to motivate. 

Playlists designed to support your goal, with tunes based on BPM for high-energy workouts, or slowed down songs for more controlled rhythm and mindfulness.