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Shop our range of protein blends for high-quality formulas designed to support your gym training. Whether you’re looking for a fast-release post-workout shake, a slow-release bedtime blend, or a bulking formula, we’ve got something for you.

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What is a Protein Blend?

Protein blends are formulas which combine multiple key ingredients to provide the nutritionals needed to support your training ambitions. Protein blends may vary quite a lot in their nutritional value, as the ingredients and proteins can be tailored to a desired workout goal.

What are the Benefits of a Protein Blend?

Protein blends are a great support for your workout as they contain protein to support your muscles, as well as additional ingredients, such as carbohydrates and amino acids to provide all-round sports nutrition. This means that you can choose just one protein blend to support your exact training needs, rather than taking multiple different supplements.

Our Protein Blends

Our wide range of protein blends contains formulas designed to support a variety of fitness goals, including weight loss and bulking up. We also cater for different dietary requirements with our vegan and gluten-free formulas.

The Extreme Gainer Blend is our ultimate weight-gain formula, featuring a range of key benefits to support your bodybuilding training:

• Contains protein — ideal for supporting muscle and mass gains

• Boasts a huge 35g of protein and 62g of carbs*

• Packed with key vitamins and minerals

• Includes a boost of creatine monohydrate

If you are looking for a lighter blend, check out our Impact Diet Whey for our best-ever diet protein powder:

• Perfect for supporting weight-loss programs

• Designed to provide a protein boost for those on a calorie-restricted diet

• Contains over 1g of glutamine*

• Features choline to support normal metabolism

Alternatively, try our Protein Meal Replacement Blend for a high-protein meal replacement shake:

• Great alternative to traditional meals, with only 200 calories*

• High in both protein and fibre

• Packed with vitamins and minerals

*Nutritional information will vary depending on flavour.


Are protein blends better than single proteins?

Not necessarily, it depends on how it is used and what it's intended use is.

What is the advantage of a protein blend?

Protein blends are fantastic as they offer multiple sources of protein that breakdown and are released into our system at different rates, allowing for a continually available amino acid pool for our body to choose from.

What is your best diet protein blend?

Our best blend for dieting would be our Diet Protein Blend which weighs in at only 96kcals per serving and 21g of protein!

What is your best morning protein blend?

Depending on what your schedule is like, our fan favourites for this option would be the Total Protein Blend (having the shake alongside some fruit) which provides high-quality protein from seven different sources, or our Protein Meal Replacement Blend, which packs in 18g of protein as well as 12g of fibre all within 205kcals!

What is your best protein meal replacement?

That depends on your goal and dietary plan as we have three really great options; our most popular blend being our Protein Meal Replacement Blend. We also provide options for vegans too with our Whole Fuel Blend. Any of these would make for a great meal replacement shake!

What is your best overnight protein blend?

The best option here would be our Overnight Recovery Blend which combines a slow-release blend of milk protein, micellar casein, whey concentrate, and egg white powder, to help grow and maintain muscle whilst you sleep!

Do you have any vegan blends?

We do stock vegan-friendly blends. Our most popular would be our Vegan Protein Blend. For those looking for a more energy-dense blend which may help contribute to muscle growth, then our vegan-friendly Whole Fuel Blend is a great option!