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Delivery Options for India
  • All orders manufactured and shipped from UK, and processed in our Warehouse in India
  • Rs 99 Deliveries (Price dropped from Rs 649!) for orders below Rs 5,000

  • FREE Delivery if you spend more than Rs 5,000

All Myprotein’s products are manufactured and shipped from the United Kingdom in order to ensure the highest quality. The duties and taxes have been paid and you as a customer are no longer required to pay anything additional after you have purchased the products on the website.

For all orders placed after 5 Feb 2018, 2 pm UK time i.e 730 pm IST will have the duties and taxes already paid. For orders placed before 5th Feb 2018 2 pm UK time, the duties and taxes will have to be paid by the customers. 

Tracking your parcels: 

The tracking details of your orders will be provided to you once your order is dispatched. The delivery time for your orders will be 3-5 working days. 

Current Fulfillment Center: 

All your orders are shipped from UK and are processed in our fulfillment center. 





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