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Get back in to your fitness routine


Ready to wave goodbye to 2020? We know we are.

Whatever your goals for 2021, we’re here to help you refuel your ambition. Want to start meditating? Turn your new running skills into a marathon? Or get back in the gym and smash some new PBs?
Get ready to share your progress with the Instagram filter and hashtag #REFUELYOURAMBITION 

There’ll be a new challenge every week to inspire you set by our incredible ambassadors, with expert advice to push you further. Eddie Hall, Matt Morsia, Zanna Vandijk, Israel Adesanya, Jeff Seid, Rachel John, Steph Joshi and more - they’re all in.

You’ll be able to show off your progress with our Instagram filter and win some sick prizes to make the hard work a little sweeter. Get ready to smash the **** out of some new goals. Bring on 2021 - we're coming for you.

Reach your Fitness Goals with a Myprotein Training Guide