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MCT Powder

Product Overview
Medium chain triglycerides, or as they’re typically abbreviated MCT, is a form of fat that provides an easily digestible, calorie-dense energy source – the perfect fuel for any workout.

Key Benefits:
-Easily digested
- Perfect for keto diets

Why Choose?
Unlike other fats, MCTs are metabolized by the body like a carbohydrate, delivering lots of energy very quickly – helping to power you through that final rep or the last mile.
Found in coconut oil, they’re quickly and efficiently converted into ketone energy, which can be used by the brain, as an alternative energy source to carbs.
Plus, it’s great for anyone following a keto diet.

Suggested Use:
Add 5 ¼ small scoops (10g) to your existing sports shakes. Alternatively, use as a substitute for milk in your favorite hot drinks as a creamer.


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