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What are Multivitamins?

Multivitamins contain a blend of essential vitamins and minerals, and occasionally some other nutrients too, like green tea extract. They help the body carry out certain functions to maintain optimum health, so adding our supplements to your diet can be beneficial to your health. Some ingredients include vitamin C, which is great for reducing tiredness before an intense workout, thiamine, which contributes to normal heart function, and manganese, which is involved with maintaining normal bones.

What are the Benefits of Multivitamins?

Our multivitamin supplements can help to support your body through an intense workout, as vitamin D contributes to normal muscle function, meaning you’re able to give your all to your next training session. Supplementing with our multivitamins is a super-convenient way to increase your daily intake, and helps your body carry out important functions.

Our Multivitamin Supplements

Our range of multivitamins is there to help you achieve your fitness ambitions — whatever they may be. We offer a variety of vitamin and mineral blends, tailored to suit your individual needs. They’re in a super-convenient format that means you can take them anywhere, ideal if you are always on-the-go.

For an everyday addition to your routine, check out our extremely-popular Daily Multivitamin tablets:

• Features vitamins A, D, E and C

• A unique developed blend

• Great to boost energy for training, as vitamin C reduces tiredness

• Contains riboflavin to maintain normal red blood cells

For supporting your general health and wellbeing, look at our Alpha Men Multivitamin Tablets:

• A high-quality multivitamin

• Selenium to support the immune system

• Features Calcium, Zinc, and Copper


When is best to take a multivitamin?

The only time you should maybe consider not taking a multivitamin is just after training, as vitamin C might interrupt the recovery process. However, aside from that, it is more important "that" you take them as opposed to "when". Taking them with food first thing would be a useful habit to get into and saves you forgetting to take them later on!

Will multivitamins help me reach my daily nutritional targets?

They can contribute to your targets, however, it is important for you to aim to achieve your dietary targets through whole foods first.

How many multivitamins can I take a day?

Stick with the recommended dosages, as consumption above and beyond what is recommended may be potentially harmful.