There are many different kinds of Pre Workout supplements available for those with different training types and goals. MyPre is a premium level pre workout and an anti-fatigue formula, improves performance and is a cognitive support. With a BCAA dosage of 2g per scoop, alongside supplements such as creatine, L-Arginine, Beta Alanine and D-Aspartic Acid, this product is top of the range and will drive your body via an increased cognitive output as well increased performance.

Not only this but our Pulse Gels – are a quick an effect way to deliver caffeine and amino acids into your system without added creatine.

Whether you’re looking for simple caffeine pills, Nitrogen supplements or a premium pre workout blend we have the best Pre Workout for you.


From Protein Shakes & Carbohydrate/Sugar Drinks to Protein Bars & Snacks, post workout supplementation should be built around replenishment of fuels burnt intra-workout.

For rapid absorption of protein, a whey protein shake with water is ideal. For the replenishment of sugars/carbs, 1 scoop of dextrose or maltodextrin are two supplements that could recommended or alternatively Energy Bars.

To increase rate of recovery, addirional amino acids are often consumed – a perfect way to consume 22 different amino acids in one drink is through MyAmino Complex which once in the system can help to allow for protein synthesis & muscular cell repair.

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