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Fit Sheena x MYPROTEIN

Sheena (31) is an entrepreneur, nutrition coach, content creator and aspiring bikini competitor. Unlike most fitness influencers, she discovered her passion for fitness when she began her transformation after suffering from chronic stress, health conditions, and obesity. At the time, she was running a globally successful fashion label but gave it all up to pursue fitness and help others discover their journey to a healthier life, both physically and mentally. 

About #BetterToday

The 'better today' mindset has got me through a lot of ups and downs in my journey. Because it's not about being perfect, just about being better in this moment, in whatever capacity I can manage. 

On some days that means lifting 100 kgs, on some days it could mean just showing up to the gym at all. On some days it means meal prepping for a week, on some days it means just getting through this one meal. 

I transformed my physique and mental wellbeing by taking baby steps towards a large goal. By treating all progress equally. By making better choices, big or tiny, every opportunity I got. 

Better today isn't about being the best or fittest or most successful person in the room. It's about being a better version of yourself. So that you can be the best or fittest or most successful version of YOURSELF. If I hadn't started small, I would have never created something big. It isn't about competing or PRs or cooking fancy meals. It's about showing up. Showing up to the gym, showing up to the kitchen, showing up to your life.

I put one tiny step in front of the other each day. And because of that, I am BETTER TODAY.


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