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Anuj Tyagi

The reason why I switched to Myprotein in 2017 was very simple, it was the only product that promised delivery to your doorstep straight from the UK. As a regular supplement user, I used to face the problem of counterfeit products being shipped to me from various brands. Myprotein solved this problem for me like forever. Innovative flavours like Thandai, Kulfi and Keventers have only added some additional reasons why I am never switching over to another brand !

Favourite Product's

"Impact Whey Isolate"
My personal favourite post workout drink which I prefer to have along with milk. Strawberry and chocolate flavors with a couple of berries is a total feast post workout.

"Creatine Monohydrate"
You can't afford to skip MP creatine if you are serious about your strength and hypertrophy goals. The one and the only mandatory supplement in my strength arsenal. Use it post workout for maximum absorption.

"Citrulline Malate"
30 mins prior to workout, and your pumps are guaranteed for sure !

"Clear Whey Isolate"
High quality protein with fruity flavour is just a dream come true. Try this with some ice water to satisfy your taste budy .

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