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Train Your Upper Body Like This American Stuntman | Work Out From Home

Train Your Upper Body Like This American Stuntman | Work Out From Home
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Ever wanted to train your upper body like a stuntman? They're usually the unsung heroes of a movie, taking the punches,  falling off bridges or the tops of tall buildings.

We'll you’re in luck, American Instagram star and our resident stuntman Ryan Klarenbach (@rynosaurasflex), has you covered with a killer upper body workout. But, don't worry,  there won't be any death-defying stunts in this workout, so you can put the crash mats away.

Whether you’re stuck at home or have all the free time in the world, take 30 mins out of your day to try this explosive workout — you won’t be disappointed. No equipment and no fuss. It's that simple.

Ryan Klarenbach's Workout

We've asked our PT Chris Appleton to cut through the noise and give us the rundown on each exercise. He suggests 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest for 3 sets for each exercise.


Plank to Bear Plank

'The plank is hard enough as it is and is a great exercise for targeting a large number of muscles and improving strength with one move.  By adding the bear crawl plank into the mix, you will add extra tension on the core stabilizing muscles by holding your body steady during the movement.  It's also useful for strengthening the lower back while being friendlier on it.'


Shoulder Taps to Staggered Push-Ups

'We’re taking the press up and adding difficulty with this movement.  Exploding between different staggered positions always add more work to the core to stabilize the body, shoulder taps need to be done while limiting the movement of the torso.  Staggering the movement adds an explosive element to the movement while working different areas of the chest, all in one movement.'


Diamond Push-Ups

'With this press up you are isolating your triceps more and the pectoral muscle that is most prominent in your chest. The diamond push-ups work the triceps, the chest muscles, particularly the pec major, and the anterior deltoids. The rectus abdominus, obliques, glutes, and quadriceps act as stabilizers to keep your body in a straight line.' 

Reverse Plank Tricep Dips

'The reverse plank will strengthen your lower back, core and supporting muscles to help steady the body including the legs and glutes but, you are now isolating the triceps more with dips and further strengthening the shoulders at the same time.'

Take-Home Message

Training your upper body can always be a push, especially without the gym equipment to help create that extra resistance, for that explosive power. With the right exercises and some creativity, you can get a powerful workout in wherever you are.

Try challenging yourself by doing one exercise after the other and making it a circuit. Maybe even try increasing the time on each exercise to spice it up.


Writer and expert
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