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Make Lockdown Work For You — How Our Athletes Have Adapted | Emelye Dwyer

Make Lockdown Work For You — How Our Athletes Have Adapted | Emelye Dwyer
Jamie Wright
Writer and expert4 years ago
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The new norm has forced many of us to make changes to our routines. Everything’s changed — from how we train, to our dietary approach, sleeping hours, and stress management.

While this proved to be a steep learning curve, the innovation that has come out of our more restricted lifestyles will set many of you up for success long after gyms have reopened and has pushed many of you to reassess and work towards new goals.

It’s true that some of you have access to more equipment than others which makes all the difference. Many of our Myprotein ambassadors have adapted their routine and approach to suit the new norm too.

We’re going to be featuring some of our favourite ambassadors over the next few weeks, sharing the changes they’ve made and why they’ve made them.

First up is @Emelyewoo — with endless energy and some serious strength. We love this girl. If you follow her for no other reason than to drool over her awesome lockdown gym, then we really wouldn’t blame you, but this guru’s also got some great advice…


Focus on what you can control

Emelye has taken a diverse approach to adapting her routine, with a more direct focus on protecting her mental health while focusing on the aspects of her health and overall lifestyle she can control.

She’s identified those elements in her life which are and aren’t in her direct control. Focusing on what you can control, rather than what you can’t, has been associated with better health, relationships, and adjustment (during stressful times).1

Emelye’s also been more mindful of what she’s been exposing herself to — identifying that certain aspects of social media can be as harmful as they’re helpful and that expectations that the form of content, she provides won’t be for everyone and that’s completely fine.


Food for thought

Nutrition has also become a key focus of Emelye’s new routine — as it will for a lot of us looking to preserve our pre-lockdown gains. While she’s always been on top of her performance nutrition, there’s no denying that the current situation took some consideration before she got it right.

Emelye requires plenty of fuel for her highly demanding exercise routines and getting this right can sometimes require the help of an expert.

Not being afraid to ask for help when she needs it is definitely one of Emelye’s strengths, whether it’s for her training, nutrition, or her mind set.

Emelye’s transparency in her recent posts as she continues her journey through this process is an inspiration for many who may have also suffered set backs following everything that has happened recently.


Take time, be kind

One of the most important things Emelye is doing is taking time to be kind to herself. She allows herself to feel those feelings when they do surface, but is brave enough to seek out the support so that she can continue to grow through these testing times.

You only have to check out some of her latest posts to see her spending extra time cooking up her insanely tasty looking protein pancakes while sipping on a cup of coffee, or chilling in that backyard playground which we’re all very jealous of!


Take home message

Emelye’s approach to lockdown has been one centred around control and improving on an already great set of existing health-focused behaviours.

She’s choosing to concentrate her energy on what she can control whilst being more conscious of those things nearest and dearest to her and just how great they are. We could all learn a lesson or two from Emelye’s approach.

Enjoy reading about how to adapt your training for lockdown?



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Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

1. Wallston, K. A., Wallston, B. S., Smith, S., & Dobbins, C. J. (1987). Perceived control and healthCurrent Psychology6(1), 5-25.

Jamie Wright
Writer and expert
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Jamie Wright has a bachelor's of science in Sports and exercise science and a Master's degree in Human Nutrition (specialising in obesity and weight management). Jamie specialises in nutrition centred around body composition change, sports nutrition and helping people improve their relationship with food. His company Balance are one of Ireland's leading nutritionist and dietetics services and he has worked with hundreds if not thousands of clients to help them solve all manner of nutrition related problems and achieve a vast range of diet related goals. They have recently launched the life changing course Be Binge Free, the first of its kind, and are continuing ongoing works on a range of projects. Jamie has worked with a range of industry leaders and featured as a nutritionist expert for Myprotein for over five years and with other brands like Insider, Adidas, Women's Health and more. Jamie's experience ranges from working in research trials to advising on product formulations, working with clients one to one, in group settings and presenting to public and private companies. He continues his professional development to this day and is currently undergoing his personal training qualifications. Having recently become a Dad, his spare time is filled spending time with his family, training, running, socialising and spending time cooking.