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Punit’s been training hard for the past three weeks, working on his endurance to get through a whole fight as well as to build lean muscle and strength to put some power behind his hits.

We’ve shown you how to work out for Muay Thai, but as with any fitness routine, exercise is only part of what will get you to your goal. What can be even more important than the training is what you’re fuelling it with.

Punit’s been following a tough food plan to make sure he has the energy to get through every session and his body has the right nutrients to repair itself properly. Here’s some insight into his Muay Thai meal prep to inspire you to spend some time in the kitchen as well as the gym.




Punit’s starting the day off with an omelette topped with some avocado. This is a great source of protein and healthy fats to fuel his recovery and muscles. A high-protein breakfast can help to keep you feeling fuller for longer too. This is a convenient on-the-go breakfast to make the night before and zap in the microwave before you leave in the morning. Check out this fool proof healthy frittata recipe to take this breakfast up a notch.

Check out Punit’s omelette below:



Punit’s showing us that it’s not all about protein — making sure you get lots of nutrients from plenty of vegetables can make a difference to your training too. For lunch he’s made a tasty stir fry which is a great way to get in everything you need in one go. A stir fry is also super quick to make and can be switched up with different additions to stop you getting bored.

Punit’s added chickpeas, lentils and mycoprotein chicken pieces to get plenty of protein and fibre in as well as spinach, cauliflower, and sweetcorn for vitamins too. He’s got yet more veggies to dip into hummus for a healthy snack as well.

Try this stir fry recipe to get your next meal prep on point like Punit’s.




Keeping it relatively low carb again, Punit’s opted for a quick and easy meal you can throw together in minutes. Meal prepping takes time, so sticking to simple recipes is a great way to get it out of the way. He’s got a vegan burger for his protein source paired with some mixed veggies. Again, this can be quickly heated up so he can dig in as soon as possible after his tough Muay Thai class.

Here’s everything he’s eating on a training day:



Take Home Message

Punit’s proven that fuelling a tough Muay Thai session doesn’t take loads of time or a complicated recipe. Keep it simple and varied and you’ll find it far easier to stick to. Remember, your training can only take you so far, so start fuelling it right to see real results.


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