Burn Fat with Metabolic Resistance Training | 6 Quick & Effective MRT Workouts

MRT is a highly effective form of training, where a circuit of exercises are performed in series using the same form of resistance. The idea is that you select your form of resistance, whether it be a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag and so on, and then you perform around 4-8 exercises back to back with minimal rest in between.

You combine the strengthening and body shaping elements of resistance training, with even more fat burning potential than your typical cardio exercise routine. MRT can elevate your metabolism for hours, and even days after doing the routine.


Metabolic Resistance Training for Time-Saving Results

Hopefully by now you’re convinced that MRT is at least worth a try, and if you haven’t tried the sample routine from the last article then what are you waiting for? Maybe it was for what we’re about to give you right now.

This article is all about training routines and video demonstrations, so without any more waiting around; here are 6 Fat Torching MRT Workout Routines for you to give a go.

On to the routines – you can perform these exercises at home if you have some of the kit. (kettlebell, dumbbells etc,) Alternatively, perform a couple more rounds of the bodyweight workouts available in this article and our previous MRT article! have fun!

MRT Programme #1 – Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Exercises: #2 Reps
Air Squats 6-8 reps >> Exercise 2
Ab Walk-outs 6-8 reps >> Exercise 3
Spiderman Push-Ups 6-8 reps >> Exercise 4
Rotational Plank 6-8 reps >> Exercise 5
Push-Up-Y 6-8 reps >> 2 min rest

MRT Programme #2 – Barbell Workout

Barbell Workout

Barbell Exercises Reps
Hang Power Snatch 6-8 reps >> Exercise 2
Overhead Squat 6-8 reps >> Exercise 3
Push-Press 6-8 reps >> Exercise 4
Reverse Lunge 6-8 reps >> Exercise 5
Goodmorning 6-8 reps >> 2 min rest

MRT Programme #3 – 1-Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbell Exercises Reps
1-Arm DB Snatch 6 per side >> Exercise 2
1-Leg DB RDL 6 per side >> Exercise 3
1-Arm DB Push-Press 6 per side >> Exercise 4
1-DB Reverse Lunge 6 per side >> Exercise 5
DB Windmill Goodmorning 6 per side >> 2 min rest

MRT Programme #4 – 2-Dumbbell workout

Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbell Exercises Reps
DB Cleans 6-8 reps >> Exercise 2
DB Front Reverse Lunge 6-8 reps >> Exercise 3
DB Arnold Press 6-8 reps >> Exercise 4
DB Front Squat 6-8 reps >> Exercise 5
DB Push press 6-8 reps >> 2 min rest

MRT Programme #5 – Kettlebell workout

Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell Exercises Reps
1-Kettlebell High Pull 6 per side >> Exercise 2
1-Arm Kettlebell Swing 6 per side >> Exercise 3
1-Arm Kettlebell Clean 6 per side >> Exercise 4
1-Arm Kettlebell Push Press 6 per side>> Exercise 5
Goblet Squat 6 per side >> 2 min rest

MRT Programme #6 – Sandbag/Powerbag

Sandbag/powerbag Workout

Sandbag Exercises Reps
Suitcase Deadlift 6 per side >> Exercise 2
Sandbag Hang Power Clean 6-8 reps >> Exercise 3
Sandbag Front Squat 6-8 reps >> Exercise 4
Sandbag Floor Slams 6-8 reps >> Exercise 5
Sandbag Deadlift 6-8 reps >> 2 min rest

Take Home Message

Enjoy experimenting with a bit of MRT!



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