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Are Home Workouts The Future Of Fitness?

Are Home Workouts The Future Of Fitness?
Amy Golby
Writer and expert1 year ago
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You don’t always need a gym to get results or a good workout in. There’s so much you can do in the comfort of your own home.  

A lot of people have realised there’s flexibility and efficiency in working out at home, as well as a growth in on demand training available now, but are home workouts the future?  

We’ve pulled together all you need to know to make up your own mind. 


Is working out at home as effective as the gym? 

 When it comes to working out at home it doesn’t mean you can’t get an effective workout in.  

Home workouts are a great way to push the intensity of your workout, be time efficient and all in the comfort of your own space.  

A variety of different techniques and training styles will help you push yourself even if you have limited equipment or time.  

Working out at home is all about maximising your output and effort and getting a little creative along the way, which is also a great way to keep things fresh, meaning you’ll hit every workout with more effort.  


Who are home workouts made for? 

Home workouts are for anyone. 

They’re a great for people who want to build confidence before heading into a gym, getting used to movements and workouts from the comfort of their own space. 

Working out at home is also great for those who don’t have much time to get to the gym. A quick 20 min workout at home can give you great results, it’s also a great option for those on a tighter budget.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert, home workouts can be a great tool for keeping things fresh and pushing through potential plateaus.  


The benefits of working out at home 

There are many benefits to working out at home, we’ve pulled together our top five:  


1. Mixes things up

Sometimes we can fall into just going through the motions when it comes to working out, sticking with the same exercises, weights, and programs without getting many results.  

When it comes to home workouts you need to get creative, especially when you have limited equipment.  

Mixing things up can be a great way to see new gains and results in ways and areas of your body you’ve not focused on before.  

Home workouts can be a great way to learn new movements, focus on flexibility, dabble with calisthenics and most of all stimulate different muscles for more gains.  


2. Time efficient 

It takes time out of the day getting to a gym. From packing bags to travelling, it adds up. Working out at home helps you cut down time pressures because you’re already in your own space.  

Home workouts can be wherever and however long you want, it also allows you to workout in comfort.  

Quick and convenient high intensity workouts are also a great way to get in a good session with limited time.  

It’s also possible that even if you don’t want to save time, home workouts allow you to have the option to take more rest time without worrying about other gym goers. No one else is eyeing up those dumbbells... which brings us to our next point. 


3. No or limited equipment needs 

 Home workouts are great for utilising your whole body without the need for equipment. 

It’s a lot easier to keep things simple while also getting results. This also means you’re not waiting on equipment to come available or having to share machines with others.  

Not being able to add weight also allows you to really focus on bodyweight movements and focus on form and connecting mind to muscle when moving.  


4. Privacy and confidence building  

Gymtimidation is real. In general, there’s nothing to fear, but that confidence takes time. Until you have it, the worry of know-it-alls offering you helpful tips when you don’t want them persists. Working out at home removes all that pressure and nerves. 

Home workouts are a great way to learn movements, grow in confidence, and try out the gym when ready. 


5. Budget friendly 

 Times are tough nowadays with cost of living on the rise and outgoings such as gym memberships face the cut when trying to save. Home workouts cut the cost but keep the physical benefits. Not to mention you’ll save on travel.  


Potential downfalls of working out at home  

There are a few limitations to home workouts which we’ve pulled together for you: 


1. Limited Exercises 

With limited equipment or machines, it does mean there are only a selected number of exercises that you can perform at home.  

When working with limited exercises it can be hard to be able to look at progressive overload or manipulation.  


2. Limited Space 

 We don’t all live in giant houses with lots of space, which rules out some forms of exercise. 

You need to be able to set a space out for you so that you can switch on your workout mode, if there isn’t space in your home it can be hard to focus on your workout and also perform certain movements without the space. 


3. Lack of socialising 

Working out at home is great for avoiding busy gyms and overbearing gym goers but socialising has an important role within exercise.  

Socialising can lead to better results, and a lack of healthy competition or support can lead to us not working as hard.  


4. Too flexible and lack of accountability  

 The flexibility of home workouts can be great as you can in principle workout whenever and wherever you want, but that can also turn into excuses due to distractions.  

There is no one to hold you accountable to show up, or challenge yourself, which can lead to a lack of commitment especially on days that motivation is low. This isn't impossible to overcome, but you must rely totally on yourself. 


Take Home Message  

There are many different pros and cons when it comes to working out at home as well as many ways to do it.  

It can be a great way to mix things up, get over plateaus, and be more efficient.  

There are many new home-based classes available now which helps to also bring community into your home too, are home workouts the future?  

There will always be a place for them, and they offer a gateway into mainstream gyms, but some training and goals need people to be hitting gyms with equipment that many don’t have at home.  

Home workouts and gyms need to work alongside each other. 


Amy Golby
Writer and expert
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