How To Stay Positive & Motivated — Here’s Our Advice

If social isolation’s got you feeling a little down, or demotivated, then this is for you. We’ve asked our community what they’re doing to stay positive and thought we’d share the best advice with you. From workouts to new skills, we have helped build a bulletproof plan for positivity that’ll keep us all going over the next few weeks. Check it out below…


Having a routine

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So many of you are attempting to inject some normalcy and routine into your lives right now — a very sensible idea if you ask us. Whether it’s starting every day with a workout, or making sure you get dressed before you start the working day, having a routine you stick to is helping a lot of you get through each day.


Getting jobs done

Been putting off chores for months because you just haven’t had the time? Well, you have plenty now — and a lot of you are making the most of this. You’re tidying up the garden you neglected over the winter, clearing out your wardrobes and cupboards, and ensuring your house is spotless and homely. With life slowing down for a while, it’s definitely a good time to get organised.


Focusing on good food

If there was ever a time to get good in the kitchen, then this is it. Lots of you are focusing on cooking delicious, nutritious meals to boost your mood, as well as experimenting with new foods. Some of you are even taking the time to learn all about good nutrition — remember a healthy body and mind often starts in the kitchen, but don’t feel like you can’t indulge if it helps you get through. Life’s tough right now, so letting your diet and training slip for a few weeks might be what you need, or maybe you’re the opposite — whatever feels right for you.


Getting stuck into home workouts

Whether you start, end, or break up your day with a home workout, plenty of people are using this to stay positive and keep moving while they can’t get to the gym. Some of you have even built a whole home gym to keep you on track — pretty impressive. This is a great excuse to mix up your workout routine, which lots of you are really enjoying. If you need some workout inspiration, you can check out our favourite home workouts on our Instagram, or on the Blog.


Mind training

As our lives have slowed down, some of you are trying to slow your minds down too. Times like this can leave you feeling pretty anxious, but many of you are tackling this head on by practising mindfulness, yoga, and just generally trying to live in the moment. Rather than resisting, some of you are retraining your brains to accept the situation and make the best of it. So today, let’s celebrate mental strength, as well as the physical.


Dreaming of life post-isolation

Many of you are putting a smile on your face by dreaming of days back in the gym, or spending time with friends and family again. It certainly makes you appreciate everything you could do and everything there is to look forward to when this is over. One day we’ll all be back seeing friends, travelling, and training, so if you’re having a wobble, just remember that THIS WILL END.


Learning new skills

Wanted to learn to bake, or simply master a new workout move? So many of you are using this time pick up a new skill. From knitting to the perfect handstand, learning skills means you can set goals and get excited about something new, as well as see yourself improve week by week. Always wanted to tackle a pull up, or learn the piano? Now’s your chance.


Quality time with co-isolators

Whether you’re staying home with your family, partner, or pet, this is a great chance to make memories, get to know each other better. Lots of you are loving teaching your kids, dusting off the board games, group video chats, or simply snuggling with your fur babies. Make the most of this precious time to slow down and appreciate everyone around you.


Community vibes

Lots of you are helping neighbours, doing amazing jobs such as stocking our supermarkets and working for the NHS. Plenty of you are also feeling positive just knowing you’re doing the right thing and protecting others by staying home. We can all do our bit to make a difference and knowing this will spur us all on to keep going.


Take home message

While there’ll be ups and downs, we’re all in this together and finding all sorts of fun new things to do while we stay home. Remember to use this time wisely — reach out to loved ones and use the tools available to stay positive. This is precious time you’ve been given to use however you want, whether that’s exercising, catching up on TV series, or enjoying time with loved ones. We’ll be dreaming about that first day back in the gym for sure…

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