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8 Women in Fitness You Need to Follow 

8 Women in Fitness You Need to Follow 
Joni McMullen
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Instagram can be an amazing place to find inspiration for your fitness journey, but it can be tough to find accounts that truly motivate and inspire you. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here are eight women in the fitness space who will leave you feeling empowered and motivated to be your best. 


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1. @elmint 

If you ever feel anxious about hitting the gym, El’s page is the perfect place to go.

From posting about natural bodies to showing "Instagram vs reality", her positivity will help put your mind at ease. 



2. @lucydavis_fit 

Hybrid athlete Lucy Davis has tried pretty much every sport and fitness trend there is to try. If you need a one-stop shop for great advice, her page is the one for you.  

Lucy brands herself as a “no BS fitness gal”, and she backs it up. Calling out gym myths, trying new things and generally being your gym big sis, she’s always there to help you try new things and reach your fitness goals. 


3. @farahfonseca 

Three-time England’s Strongest Woman and owner of a female-only gym, Farah is the ultimate champion of women in fitness.

As a new mum, Farah has also started to tailor her content to pre and post-partum workouts on Instagram, highlighting the importance of appreciating everything your body can do.  


4. @sophiegotsleeved 

If you're looking for funny, relatable fitness content, look no further than Sophie's page. After having gastric sleeve surgery to manage her food addiction, Sophie went on a major fitness journey.

Her social media platform is all about body positivity and empowerment, and she’s all about encouraging others to love their bodies through exercise. 


5. @siobh.ohagan 

Siobhan is a successful PT who uses her platform to teach others how to love and appreciate their bodies through fitness.

She also presents a podcast called “Life Lessons,” where she has engaging conversations with fascinating guests.  


6. @jen_sofit

Whether you need a shy girl gym workout or just someone to hype you up to hit a PB, Jen's your girl.

Her positive attitude is infectious, and her page is all about empowering women to get strong and be confident in the gym. 


7. @fatima.unia 

Fatima is a powerlifter who is passionate about lifting women up.

Her page is full of supplement recommendations, lifting inspiration, and advice to help you build healthy habits and reach your fitness goals.  


8. @aaliyah.unia 

Need advice about the gym, your fitness journey or general mental wellbeing? Aaliyah is the fitness and wellness girl you can lean on for support.

Her page offers breakfast recipes, lift inspiration, and calming ASMR. 


Take Home Message  

Make your Instagram feed work for you by adding in some fitness inspiration from these amazing women.

Whether you're looking for workout ideas, supplement recommendations, or just some positive vibes, these accounts will provide some much-needed motivation. 

Need more inspiration?


Joni McMullen
Writer and expert
View Joni McMullen's profile

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