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Man Loses 10kg Of Muscle In 90 Days

Man Loses 10kg Of Muscle In 90 Days
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert1 year ago
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We all have those days when we just don't feel like hitting the gym. Bob, friend of YouTube star and Myprotein ambassador Stan Browney, was having one of those days when he injured himself.  

Bob usually loves to work out, but the injury meant he wuldn’t be able to do any real gym work for three months. So Stan wanted to conduct an experiment. How much muscle mass would Bob lose in this time? 


Bob wasn’t feeling it when he was invited to work out with a friend at the park, but he went anyway. The workout started off great and Bob was feeling good. He completed sets of front levers and muscle-ups, but things went wrong when he started his second set of single-arm pull-ups. He heard a pop and knew right away he’d torn his biceps. Ouch. 

The day after Bob injured himself, he visited Stan’s studio to have his measurements taken. He’d be unable to do any proper exercise throughout the period of his recovery, so he wanted to know exactly how much muscle mass he’d lose during that time. 

89 days to go 

Left biceps: 35cm 

Right biceps (injured): 36.5cm 

Weight: 70.9kg 

Three days after Bob’s first check-in with Browney, Bob had surgery to repair his biceps. He was in good spirits despite not being able to use his arm. A few weeks later, his cast was replaced by a robotic arm to help with mobility, and it was time for another check-in.   


69 days to go 

Left biceps: 34cm 

Right biceps (injured): 32.5cm 

Weight: 68.5kg 

Although limited in what he could do, Bob didn't let his injury hold him back completely. He hit the gym for three leg days a week and took up lots of walking. To reduce muscle loss, he ate a high-protein diet and was in a calorie surplus. 


1 day to go 

Left biceps: 32cm 

Right biceps (injured): 31cm 

Weight: 66.6kg 

Over 90 days of limited exercise, Bob lost roughly 10kg of muscle and gained 3kg of fat. He struggled with his body image at times, but his time on the sidelines was over and the next 90 days were about to begin.   


Take Home Message 

He may have lost years of work during his recovery, but with Browney at his side, we’re confident that Bob can put it all back on during his 90-day challenge. With plenty of motivation and an injury to recover from, we're sure we'll see great things from him soon. Stay tuned. 

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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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